The Little Known Method To Eliminating Energy Costs

It turns out there's one very little-known method to eliminating energy costs that is available to anyone in a state that has decentralized energy plans.


What happens when you look up ways to reduce energy costs?


Most articles will tell you exactly how to limit your a/c usage, check your insulation, buy those energy-efficient bulbs, and look for that energy saver star.


What they won't tell you is how to get straight up free energy!


Want to know the secret?


WELL, before I can tell you that, there's something you need to know.


First, you need to be in a state where you can choose your energy company


If you're in one, great!


If not, yup, in other states you aren't forced to use a single energy company (Sorry, Louisiana).


In states like Texas, you can choose which company to work with and which plan to sign onto.


Because of that, you actually have competitive energy prices.


The government doesn't decide it for you.


So, when you have companies competing to earn your business, what does that mean?




What kind of incentives do you get from energy companies?


Well, some of the popular ones as of late are free nights and weekends, solar days, free NEST thermostats, and more!


Sound familiar?


Yea, this is the same thing we saw with cell phone companies when they first started trying to figure out how to one-up each other to get you under contract with them.


Capitalism at its finest.


Okay, okay, so why did we go through all of this before revealing what's the method to getting free energy?


Turns out, its an incentive from the energy companies that makes it totally legal to get free energy.


And that's...


Leeching off your friends and family!




Basically, with energy companies, they generally offer referral credit whenever you sign on a new customer.


How many friends and family do you know that are nearby and own a home or rent an apartment?


They have to get their energy from somewhere.


Why not sign up for the energy company you're using by using your referral code?


What happens when they do this is you and your friend/family both get bill credit!


For example, with Reliant Energy, you'll both get $75 off your bill when they sign up under you. 


Sometimes, they'll offer bonuses, depending on time of the year.


So, that $75 credit can actually get bumped up to $150, or more.


Best of all, there's no limit to this.


If you can sign on 5 friends, well bam, you've got $375 credit added to your account!


For an average 3 bedroom home, that's more than 2 months worth of energy for free.


Seriously, where can you spread around your referral code to get more people to sign up on you?


Around your school, work, yoga studio, friendly gatherings, family members, etc.


If you only signed up 26 people, you'd have a $2000 bill credit on your account. 


Imagine not having to worry about paying that bill for a year.


What could you do with that money?


That'd be pretty nice.


Oh, and if you don't have an account with Reliant yet, make sure you use a referral code to get signed up for yours -- you can get an immediate credit to your account before you even sign anyone else up!


If you need one, check out the one over here at Reliant Energy Promo Code.